Professional Access and Equity

The Professional Access and Equity Committee shall be responsible for the identification of problems or needs in the field of higher education which impact upon minorities, women, the handicapped or disabled and make recommendations to the membership to correct them.

Upcoming Events

This summer, the Professional Access and Equity Committee will be hosting a virtual series dedicated to inclusivity. This training can be adapted into all areas of higher education. Whether you work in admissions, advising, or financial aid, you'll interact with students from diverse backgrounds. To improve skills like relatability, empathy, and understanding, DEI training is crucial. It's not just beneficial for students; higher education professionals can also benefit. 
We aim to cultivate, advance, and foster discussions on inclusivity. The goal is to encourage the use of more inclusive/respectful language, uphold individual uniqueness, improve communication abilities in diverse environments, identify and address biases, and heighten understanding of identity, disability, sexual orientation, racism, and intersectionality. These sessions are also a safe space to share your experiences as well!
These sessions are recommended to admissions professionals who want an enhanced understanding of how to better serve diverse student populations. It is also recommended to those who want a better comprehension of how a person’s identity can influence their experiences within society. 
We will be learning aspects of inclusivity through the lens of Blair Imani and her book entitled Read This to Get Smarter: about Race, Class, Gender, Disability, & More. Purchasing the book is not required for participation but members are welcome to purchase a copy on their own.
Virtual Session Schedule
June 20 – Identity || 2:30pm – 4:00pm
July 11 – Sex, Gender, and Sexual Orientation || 9:30am - 11:00am
August 8 – Disability || 2:30pm – 4:00pm
August 15 – Racism and Intersectionality || 9:30am - 11:00am
Register for each session here at least 3 days prior to each session date. If the hyperlink to the registration form doesn’t work, please click this link:


John "JB" Odasco
Admissions Counselor, Francis Marion University
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William Clark
Assistant Director of Admissions, Coastal Carolina University
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The Mentor Experience

The Professional Access and Equity (PAE) Committee is launching a professional development opportunity guided by a mentor framework. The Mentor Experience is designed for CACRAO members of diverse representation to engage with other marginalized populations. Mentors are veteran professionals with active member status within the CACRAO organization who will share their experience and wisdom with new admissions professionals. Participants will engage in a series of professional development sessions and build community with their mentor and peers through a hybrid of virtual and in person interactions.
To express your interest in participating, submit the "I'm Interested" form below by June 30.
Mentor relationships are designed to support a less experienced professional through connections with more seasoned professionals in a respective industry. Especially for professionals with marginalized identities, engaging in mentor opportunities assist in career progression. For the purpose of this program, mentors and mentees are defined by the following:

Mentors are admissions or registrar professionals with at least one year (or recruitment cycle) of experience.

Mentees are admissions or registrar professionals who are new to the field, with less than one year (or recruitment cycle) of experience.

Both mentors and mentees are considered opt-in participants, meaning each individual has indicated a voluntary interest to serve in the respective role and a commitment to engage for the duration of the program. Participants are expected to participate in all of the virtual and in person sessions as indicated in the timeline. During the fall (August to November) and spring (February to April), mentors are expected to connect with their mentees bi-weekly, at the pair’s convenience. To measure the effectiveness of the program and participants’ satisfaction, both the mentor and mentee are expected to submit a feedback form each month. In total, there are five virtual meetings, six personal touch points and one in person meeting at the annual meeting.
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