Expense Vouchers

An expense voucher must be submitted if any expenses related to CACRAO business are incurred. In order to appropriately manage CACRAO’s budget, invoices should be submitted for payment within 30 days of the expense being incurred. A receipt or invoice is required for each expense item.  

There are 3 types of expense vouchers:

Request for payment - This is the most commonly used form. It should be used to summarize expenses related to CACRAO business, along with all receipts, for reimbursement or payment.

Credit card/ACH authorization - This form will typically be used by EC members who either hold a CACRAO credit card to reconcile expenses made or to request ACH authorization.

Travel reimbursement - This form is used to summarize personal travel expenses, including receipts, for CACRAO business.


Here is a link to a training video to assist you with submitting an Expense Voucher in ProcessMaker.


Expense Voucher Policies

  • Expense vouchers must be submitted by CACRAO members only.
  • Invoices should be submitted within 30 days of the expense being incurred for payment.
  • Contracts over $2,000 should only be signed by the CACRAO President. Multi-year contracts of any amount should only be signed by the CACRAO President. Submit a Request for Payment and upload the contract for signature using the general upload at the bottom of the EV. If a deposit is required, include that as a line item.
  • If an expense is over $5,000, you should email the Treasurer (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) and President (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) for pre-approval. The appropriate VP should be cc’d.
  • Types of payments that CACRAO will make:
    • ACH/wire transfer - This is the fastest form of payment. Payee will need to provide account information.
    • Pay by check - Checks can take up to 3-4 weeks to be received via mail.
    • Credit card - Consider the processing or convenience fee required.
    • Unless you indicate payment by credit card is needed, Jessica, CACRAO Admin, will contact the payee/vendor to inquire about ACH or check payment preferred.

Expense Voucher Help Guide


When submitting an expense voucher, please select the account the expense should be tied to. All accounts are listed below. If you are not sure which is the appropriate account, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Expense Accounts

NC Sch Counslr Confer. Expense
SC Sch Counslr Confer. Expense
SC Ed Op Expense
NC Ed Op Expense
Summer Newcomers Wks Expense
Executive Committee Expense
Budget & Auditing Comm. Expense
Annual Meeting Expense
Registrars Committee Expense
Nominating Committee Expense
Recom/Evaluations Comm Expense
Recognitions Committee Expense
Long Range Planning Comm Expense
Ethics Committee Expense
PAE Committee Expense

Request for Payment

  • Payments will be made by check unless you indicate on the EV that it should be made by credit card.
  • If credit card payment is needed, please include the payment link in the Details section of the EV or upload the credit card authorization information at the bottom of the form.
  • Committee/Account:
    • If the NC Ed-Op, SC Ed-Op, NC School Counselor Conference (SCC) or SC School Counselor Conference (SCC) accounts are selected, you will be asked to enter the Name of Event the expense was for.
    • Include Name of Event in this format: Week 8B - Name of college fair or Raleigh School Counselor Conference.
    • Description of expenditure: Describe what the expense is for. Examples: rental deposit for Coliseum, dinner for college reps, caterer payment

Travel Authorization

      • Description of expenditure: What event or meeting is the travel reimbursement for (Ex: 2024 Annual Meeting, May Executive Committee Meeting or Ed-Op In-person Meeting at Elon University)
  • Travel Expenses:
    • Mileage - upload map showing mileage from starting location to final destination. Add total mileage x rate per mile.
    • Meals - you can upload receipts or just be reimbursed with the per diem rate: $13.00 Breakfast; $15.00 Lunch; $26.00 Dinner (In-state); $29.00 Dinner (Out-of-State; Other than NC/SC)
    • Flights - choose a cost-effective option
    • Parking - airport parking/hotel parking upload receipt
    • Transportation - upload receipt (ride share, taxi or rental car)

Credit card/ACH authorization

The CACRAO Admin, President, President-Elect and Immediate Past-President have CACRAO credit cards to be used for CACRAO expenses only.

The credit card authorization should be used to reconcile charges made or to request payment by credit card or ACH to a vendor. For reconciliation, credit card receipts must be submitted by the 15th of the following month the charge is made.

Description of expenditure - Ex: Annual Meeting Monday event charges
Line Item - Ex: Amazon or Event Vendor Name

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