Each year the CACRAO membership has the opportunity to recognize those who have given much of their time, energy and talent to CACRAO, its member institutions, and the students we serve. Awards are presented at the Annual Conference held in December. Below are brief descriptions of each award. See previous award winners here.

Zaire McCoy Honorary Membership
Honorary Membership is given to someone who has been a member of CACRAO for at least 10 years and has made distinctive contributions to the association and its members through service as an officer, committee member, or participant in the profession. At the time of the election, the nominee has retired or left the profession or officially announced his/her intent to do so.

Chris Murphy Award of Excellence
The Chris Murphy Award of Excellence is given to members who have made significant contributions to CACRAO, its member institutions, and higher education in the Carolinas.  Previously, this award was titled the "Award of Excellence".  It was renamed in 2017 to honor beloved CACRAO member, Chris Murphy. 

Myron Burney Rising Professional Award
The Myron Burney Rising Professional Award was created in 2017 and named to honor admired CACRAO member, Myron Burney.  This award is given to an individual who has been a member of CACRAO from 1 to 5 years and has progressively served the association through committee membership, participation at the annual conference, and/or served as an officer.

Charlie Hendricks Award
The Charlie Hendricks Award was established in 1995 in honor of Charlie Hendricks who gave so much to CACRAO. The award recognizes individuals who go beyond the call of duty for CACRAO. They are always willing to volunteer, accept the jobs no one else wants, and rarely get credit for the work they do.

*New Award* ACRAO Achievement Award
Created in 2023, this award recognizes a current or former CACRAO member who has made major contributions within not only CACRAO, but also SACRAO, AACRAO, and other state ACRAO Organizations.

*New Award* Corporate Partner of the Year Award
Created in 2023, this award will be given yearly to a corporate partner to recognize their involvement in the organization and the contributions that they have made to the organization over the year. A corporate partner is eligible for this award even if they have received the award in the past.

*New Award* Lifetime Achievement Award
Created in 2023, this award recognizes an individuals lifetime work within the admissions and/or registrar profession, in addition to any involvement or achievements that they might have had within CACRAO or other professional organizations. Nominees must not be current members of the Executive Board, and must have been a member for ten or more years.

*New Award* Road Warrior Award
Created in 2023, this award recognizes an individual that is new to the profession that deserves recognition for their potential abilities within the organization and/or higher education moving forward within their career.

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2022 Committee Members

Patrick Frazier, Chair
Associate Director of Admissions Marketing & Events
Western Carolina University
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Recognize a CACRAO Member

Help CACRAO honor the most deserving recipients by submitting the recognition and award nomination form below. The nominator will need to provide a written paragraph as to why this individual should be selected for the award. Award nominees will be contacted to obtain resumes/qualifications to assist the committee in the selection process. Nominations are due November 1.
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