2021 Annual Meeting 50 Years of Excellence December 5-7, Raleigh, NC

Join Us for the 50th CACRAO Annual Meeting

CACRAO is excited to invite you to join us for the 50th Annual Meeting held in Raleigh, NC at the Embassy Suites by Hilton Raleigh Durham Research Triangle! Come celebrate 50 years of excellence in education!

The CACRAO Annual Meeting offers members the chance to come together and share innovative ideas and approaches for promoting post-secondary education throughout North and South Carolina. Annual Meetings feature influential guest speakers discussing important topics in the industry, as well as recognition for outstanding Association members who have contributed to the success and growth of CACRAO.

We look forward to hosting a full in-person meeting in December and do not plan to offer a virtual option at this time. Our Local Arrangements Committee and Program Committee have been busy planning a memorable conference to celebrate 50 years of CACRAO and our members. We want to ensure you that your health and safety is a top priority. CACRAO reserves the right to enforce any safety measures necessary at the time of the event, including but not limited to, requiring face masks regardless of vaccination status, social distancing and any other guidelines set forth by the hotel and/or local and state governments. We look forward to seeing you in Raleigh! 


Registration Fees

We have extended the rates below through December 4, 2021. Day-of registrations at the conference will include a $50 increase.

If you believe you have an incorrect price listed on your registration form, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to inquire about your membership/pricing status before submitting your registration.

CACRAO Member Institution: $250.00

CACRAO Non-Member Institution: $300.00

CACRAO Honorary Member: $100.00

Monday Only: $100.00

Guest (Evening events only): $65.00



Sunday, December 5, 2021

  • 8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m. Conference Check-In and Registration
  • 11 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. Corporate Partner Exhibit Area Open
    Pre-Function B
  • 11 - 11:45 a.m. First-Time Attendee Session


  • 12 - 2 p.m. Opening Keynote and Recognition Luncheon
    Blowing Rock/Chimney Rock
  • 2:15 - 3:15 p.m. Breakout Sessions A
  • 3:30 - 4:30 p.m. Breakout Sessions B
  • 4:30 - 5:30 p.m. Corporate Partners Speed Dating Event
    Pre-Function B
  • 6:30 p.m. - 10:30 p.m. 50th Celebration

    Blowing Rock/Chimney Rock (Semi-formal attire)

  • 9 p.m. Hospitality Suite Open

Monday, December 6, 2021

  • 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Conference Check-In and Registration
  • 9:15 -10:15 a.m. Breakout Sessions C
  • 10 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Corporate Partner Exhibit Area Open
    Pre-Function B
  • 10:15 - 11 a.m. Morning Break with Corporate Partners
    Pre-Function B
  • 11 a.m. - 12 p.m. Breakout Sessions D
  • 12 - 2 p.m. Lunch (On your own)
  • 2 - 3 p.m. Plenary Session
    Blowing Rock/Chimney Rock
  • 3:15 - 4:30 p.m. Breakout Sessions E (Forums)
  • 5 - 6 p.m. President’s Reception

    Cape Hatteras

  • 6 - 10 p.m. Evening Event
    Frankie's Fun Park (Casual attire/flat shoes recommended)
  • 9 p.m. Hospitality Suite Open

Tuesday, December 7, 2021

  • 8 - 11:45 a.m. Corporate Partner Exhibit Area Open
    Pre-Function B
  • 8:30 - 11 a.m. Conference Check-In and Registration
  • 9 - 10 a.m. Breakout Sessions F
  • 10 - 11 a.m. Breakout Sessions G
  • 11 - 11:30 a.m. Check-Out Break
  • 11:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. Breakout Sessions H
  • 12:30 - 2:30 p.m. Closing Luncheon/Business Meeting
    Blowing Rock/Chimney Rock


 Akil Bello Headshot

Akil Bello is an educator, speaker, entrepreneur, and nationally renowned expert at teaching people how to distinguish between A, B, C and D. Going on his third decade in the shadow education industry, he has developed dozens of admissions and test preparation programs, trained hundreds of teachers, presented at dozens of conferences and colleges, and helped thousands of students prepare for standardized tests from the APGAR to the LSAT.

Described as a refreshing mix of brilliance and foolishness, Akil is a public intellectual who combines deep research with a sardonic wit to inform the public about issues of testing, equity, and educational access. He’s been featured in adult films, national newspapers, at conference keynotes, on the computer screen, and even on your mobile phone, where his legendary Twitter pseudonyms and hatereads have earned him millions of likes and retweets.

Akil is also an edtech bro who once sold his startup, Bell Curves, for negative 3 times revenue. After leaving the socially responsible test preparation company he founded with his favorite brother, Akil served as the Director of Equity and Access for one of the oldest test prep companies, where he continued to work to increase access to education for disadvantaged communities. In his current full-time job as Senior Director of Advocacy and Advancement at Fairtest, Akil works to end his more lucrative part-time job as a highly paid test prep tutor. Akil lives in the birthplace of hip-hop with his wife, two sons, and internet daughter, Enid-Michelle. Akil is untainted by Ivy League credentials and graduated with his bachelors from THE illustrious Atlanta A&T University.




Jairo (Hi-rrow) we/he/him/his has spent the last 15+ years working in higher education split between academic and student services at two different universities, University of North Carolina-Asheville and North Carolina Central University; and two community colleges, Durham Technical Community College and Central Carolina Community College. Mr. McMican currently has a split role serving as the Dean of Student Learning at Central Carolina Community College (CCCC) and The Director of Equity and Pathways for the North Student Success Center. Jairo is currently working on his Ed.D. in Adult and Community College Education at North Carolina State University with a focus on Organizational and Cultural Change. He earned a Master’s Degree in Strategic Leadership and a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. Jairo is a 2016 graduate of the North Carolina Community College Leadership Program. Mr. McMican was also a 2019 Achieving the Dream Fellow, 2020 Belk Center Fellow, and a 2021-2022 Education Design Lab Designer in Residence and currently serves on the editorial board for AACRAO's Strategic Enrollment Management. Mr. McMican has facilitated numerous well received state and regional presentations on various topics in leadership, equity, enrollment management, advising, and education. 


Abraham Dones is a highly experienced practitioner who seeks opportunities for organizational change to improve student services and supports. An equity champion who implements strategies addressing access, success and completion with a focus on social capital and upward mobility of marginalized students. A creative thinker, problem solver, decision maker, and motivator with extensive enrollment management experience, employee development, and promoter for outstanding customer service. Abe is the Assistant Dean and Registrar at Durham Technical Community College with oversight of the Admissions, Registration, and Records office and the Testing Center. He has worked at several higher education institutions culminating over 20 years of experience. Throughout his professional experiences he has lived by a “Student’s First” Philosophy. Abe is the first male in his family to graduate from college, and utilizes his lived experiences to inform policies and practices that are equitable, supportive and student focused. Abe views life from an equity perspective and infuses creativity and thinking in order to address challenges and barriers facing students and institutions. He earned a bachelor of science in Industrial Engineering, a master of science in Higher Education Administration, and is currently pursuing a doctoral degree in Adult and Community College Leadership at NC State University. His dissertation focuses on competencies of advisors of institutions who have adopted the Guided Career Pathways framework.


Sessions A: A Presentation About Presenting: How to Be the Best and Avoid Common Mistakes (Cape Hatteras)
Presenter: Lisa Cote, Assistant Director for In-State Recruitment, University of South Carolina

Public speaking: those words alone make most people squirm, yet in higher education, it's an essential component to many positions. Whether you are an Admissions representative tasked with speaking to a large group of seniors, a Registrar leading a training for faculty, or you're tasked with presenting enrollment numbers at a board meeting, our world desperately needs great presenters. Join me in learning about the hidden pitfalls to your success and how you can become the best presenter in your department! This presentation has been adapted from an impactful Annual Meeting session led by 2008-2009 CACRAO Past President, Marshall Connor.
Sessions A: Using CRM Automation to Enhance Re-enrollment and Student Success (Tanglewood)

Presenters: Joseph Mews, Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Management & Student Success, University of South Carolina - Palmetto College.

This session will detail several CRM-related initiatives that have been incorporated over the last year to enhance enrollment and student success across the University of South Carolina Palmetto College. Special focus will be placed on process and communication automation.

Sessions A: Current and Emerging Issues in Access and Equity (BiltmoreHope)
Presenter: Tiffany Robinson, Assistant Vice Provost & University Registrar, The University of Kansas and 2021-2022 AACRAO President

We are higher education warriors! Our goals are, and this is the short list, a positive student experience, improved enrollment, and completion! Join your peers for a discussion of current and emerging issues related to student access and equity in our institutions. Our focus will be on barriers faced by under-served populations, accessing postsecondary institutions and what our schools are doing to improve access, success and completion. In addition, we will discuss the different types of inequities that our students face. Learn how colleges work to create a college that is “student ready,” and gain ideas that you can use at your institution.
Sessions A: Show Yourself Some Kindness: Self-Care Lessons Learned While in a Pandemic (BellamyMendenhall)
Presenter: Christopher Adam Ray, Assistant Director for Undergraduate Admissions, Western Carolina University

Since March 2020, much of the work related to admissions and recruitment has changed quite dramatically. For many, the energy that we derived from in-person interactions with students and family members paired with the fun of travel was replaced with virtual recruitment in our respective offices or homes. Adapting to this new mode of work was essential, but also taxing in many ways, and often resulted in the neglect of practices such as self-care. This session will include personal reflection from the presenter(s) and an opportunity to discuss practices aligned with self-care that could prove beneficial for any circumstance.
Sessions A: Eliminate the Inquiry Card (Pinehurst)

Presenters: Zachary George, Senior Director of College and Fair Relations, StriveScan and Isabella Williams, Associate Director of College and Fair Relations, StriveScan

Save time, get more accurate data, and speed up your communications by eliminating paper inquiry cards. Learn how to optimize college fairs and high school visits with StriveScan.

Sessions B: Advisory Boards: Valuable Partnerships with Invaluable Insights (Cape Hatteras)

Presenter: Ben Shirley, Ed.D, ACA Department Head and University Transfer Coordinator, Alamance Community College, Courtney Sola, Assistant Director of Undergraduate Admissions, NC State University and Jon Westover, Associate Vice Provost and Director of Undergraduate Admissions, NC State University

Collaboration amongst high school counselors, transfer advisors and higher education professionals is instrumental in supporting students through the admissions process. Learn how NC State University and Alamance Community College have leveraged their partnerships to create three unique advisory boards that have been pivotal to their commitment to student success. During this session you will learn how you can manage and foster an effective advisory board, successes of each board and lessons learned. You will also learn how each advisory board has contributed to the success of NC State and Alamance Community College and how you can get started with your advisory board!

Sessions B: Paradigm: Credentialing at its best. The easiest, quickest, most advanced solutions for both paper and electronic credentials in the industry! (Tanglewood)

Presenter: Briana Wrensford, Sales and Onboarding Specialist, Paradigm, Inc.

In this fast-paced, constantly evolving, global job market, your graduates need to prove their achievements quicker than ever before. From the immediacy of a desired social post to Graduate School Applications, or the necessities of online job hunting, the expectations have changed. The need to be there first and in a differentiated manner is paramount to their success. Solution: Paradigm offers the most comprehensive credential platform for both its clients and their learners. Come and participate in this informative session as we reveal the details of PIE, the Paradigm Integrated Experience, featuring our exquisite printed diplomas, our leading digital CeDiploma®, CeCertificate®, and the ScholarRecord®(CLR), together with our optimized services DirectShip™ to students, MyHold™, and MyReorder™. All integrated with affordable presentation products for your ceremonies and the most efficient turnaround times, we make life easier for you and your staff while your learners experience exceptional results!

Sessions B: *They don't even go here! (BiltmoreHope)
Presenter: Kadarius Seegars, Assistant Director of Admissions, Columbia College

An exploration of identity, gender and sex, so that you don't make the same mistake that Damian did.
Sessions B: Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM): Euphemism for meeting enrollment targets or holistic approach to student engagement? (Pinehurst)
Presenter: Dr. Timothy Rees, Dean of Enrollment, Erskine College

Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM) is a term used at many institutions but what does it really mean? It is not simply an enrollment plan or initiative but a holistic view of students, from enrollment funnel through productive alumni. The concept focuses on the needs of the individual and ensures that the student and institution align well so as to foster retention, graduation and eventual impact on society. This session will cover core concepts of SEM and encourage steps toward creating a comprehensive plan.
Sessions B: Cambridge International in the Carolinas (BellamyMendenhall)

Presenter: Chantel Reynolds, Southern U.S. Regional Manager, Higher Education, Cambridge Assessment International Education

In the past year, both 2-year and 4-year public colleges and universities system have passed credit-by-exam policies for Cambridge International AS and A Level qualifications. Now the focus is on implementation, with questions not only from faculty, but also from admissions and records staff unfamiliar with these credentials and documents. This session will provide an overview of these students and schools and these exams and how to receive and interpret the grade transcripts.

Sessions C: Bribed and Falsified Admission: The College Admission Scandal (Pinehurst)

Presenter: Alexis Rudnik, Admissions Counselor, Columbia College

After the 2019 college admission scandal, students and their families may have some distrust on how admissions operates. The lecture would take some research components on how students and families view admissions and how we can improve processes to ensure students and their families trust the admission professionals.

Sessions C: Targeted vs Geared Events - What's the difference? (Tanglewood)

Presenter: Justin Richardson, Assistant Director of Undergraduate Admissions, NC State University and Elijah Mebans, Admissions Counselor, UNC Pembroke

We all have wanted to do an event designed for a specific audience. While very beneficial; are you sure your event is catering to your audience? Join us to discuss examples on how to make sure your event is aligned to your target audience.

Sessions C: ZAP! You're a Team! (BiltmoreHope)
Presenter: Patrick Frazier, Associate Director of Admissions, Western Carolina University

Building a team is more than just putting a group of people together in a room and stating that they are now a team. It takes working together as a group and doing activities together so that the team can learn about one another. Whether you are leading a training session for new staff members or for student staff, how you get the team to interact together is imperative to team development. This session will not only discuss different team building activities, but will also have the participants actively participate in the activities! Be ready to learn, share, and participate in this active session!
Sessions C: Integrated Academic Operations (BellamyMendenhall)

Presenters: Ben Chester, Regional Director of Partnerships, Coursedog

Admit and graduate more students by innovating your academic operations on campus. This session will detail how forward thinking institutions are partnering with Coursedog to provide a single source of truth of curricular data, leverage next generation reporting to make data accessible and actionable to all your stakeholders, and improve student performance metrics while saving time and money for your campus.

Sessions D: Virtual Engagement: Tips for Attendance, Participation and Going LIVE! (Pinehurst)
Presenter: Brittany Privott, Regional Representative, College Foundation of North Carolina

This session will provide attendees with lessons learned and tips for virtual engagement with students, parents, and educators from our CFNC Representatives in the field. Topics include, but are not limited to: importance of requiring registration; utilizing polling during webinars; marketing programs; streaming live on social media; collaborating to boost attendance, and more. This will be an engaging program, with both a presentation and audience discussion. Whether we are face-to-face in the future or not, a new and improved virtual world is here to stay.
Sessions D: Reverse Credit Transfer: A University of North Carolina System and North Carolina Community College Partnership (Tanglewood)
Presenter: Jonathan Reece, University Registrar, University of North Carolina at Charlotte

In 2013, North Carolina secured a $450,000 grant to develop a reverse transfer program. By 2015, every UNC campus and NC Community College were participating. Reverse credit transfer is the transfer of credit back to a formerly attended community college, while currently enrolled in a baccalaureate program, in order to earn an associate degree. This session will discuss the history of this program, related research, and current data on its effectiveness from the point of view of one UNC campus.
Sessions D: Using a Pre-admission Program to Increase Your Enrollment and Expand Your Partnerships (BellamyMendenhall)
Presenter: Shantelle James, Education Services Specialist, US Army Columbia Recruiting Battalion

The Concurrent Admissions Program (ConAP) is a free referral program whereby the Army provides contact information of its newly enlisted servicemembers (both Active and Reserve) to college partners. The session introduces this collaborative outreach program between the military and institution of higher learning which supports future soldiers’ educational goals at the onset of their military career. An overview of the benefits to partner colleges, institutional eligibility for participation and requirements for designated ConAP College POC is discussed and a definition and profile of the future soldier is provided to assist attendees in understanding their challenges and common barriers which these soldiers face related to college entry after enlistment. The session concludes with a live tutorial of futuresoldiers.com, the database system which facilitates the partnerships exchange of referrals.
Sessions D: Strategic Communication Planning (BiltmoreHope)

Presenters: Robin Bradley, Regional Sales Manager and Adam Hopkins, Strategic Consultant, Anthology

Throughout the student lifecycle, students must navigate a labyrinth of requirements beyond their academic coursework. Challenges, such as registering for courses, maintaining financial aid, and resolving administrative holds, can derail a student on their academic journey. How can your institution leverage Strategic Communication Planning to address these processes while also building the loyalty and motivation of the student?

Sessions E: NC Admissions Forum (BlowingRock/ChimneyRock)

An open discussion of admissions trends, North Carolina Educational Opportunity programs, School Counselor Conferences, dual-enrollment and transfer trends, college application week, etc. This sessions provides NC members the opportunity to provide feedback for future programs and the chance to discuss pressing issues in our field.

Sessions E: SC Admissions Forum (TanglewoodPinehurst)

An open discussion of admissions trends, South Carolina Educational Opportunity programs, School Counselor Conferences, dual-enrollment and transfer trends, college application days, etc. This sessions provides SC members the opportunity to provide feedback for future programs and the chance to discuss pressing issues in our field.

Sessions E: Registrars Forum (BiltmoreHopeBellamyMendenhall)

This session provides registrar staffers the chance to discuss changes and trends in the field, challenges you are currently facing, and programming you hope to see CACRAO make available to you in the future.

Sessions F: Making the Leap: Transitioning to the Community College Setting! (Tanglewood)
Presenter: Jeremy Gibbons, Sr. Director of Admissions, Student Recruitment, and Engagement, Cape Fear Community College

After serving over 10 years in a variety of roles on admissions and enrollment teams at four-year public and private colleges, this session will explore what it was like to transition to a new role at a two-year comprehensive community college. The presenter will share insights, including 5 things they didn’t expect and how they learned from them and 5 recruitment and admissions best practices that can be carried from the four-year setting to the two-year setting. This session is ideal for anyone interested in shifting to the two-year setting or simply interested in learning about the experience.
Sessions F: ABCs of DEI: The Value of Diversity Recruitment (Pinehurst)
Presenter: Allyson Brown, Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, Spartanburg Methodist College

Understanding diversity within the landscape of higher education is complex. The U.S race and ethnic demographics are trending towards the most diverse we have ever seen. Colleges want to cultivate diverse communities where students thrive, not simply survive. What does this mean for admissions offices navigating an ever-changing landscape of legal precedents, current events, and evolving expectations of what diversity, equity and inclusion actually mean in practice? Assessing the ways in which we recruit students of color and other marginalized populations begins with acknowledging institutional values, our own biases, and effective recruitment strategies. This session will explore the importance of diversity recruitment strategies through the admissions cycle (application to yield) and ways to further your growth as a developing diversity advocate.
Sessions F: How a Single Credential Management Platform Can Make a Difference (BiltmoreHope)

Presenters: Joel Musika, Regional Sales Manager, Parchment, and Joseph Rowbottom, Assistant Registrar, Guilford Technical Community College

What efficiencies could you create in the Registrar’s office if there was one platform to manage all credentials including transcripts, diplomas, certificates, and badges? A comprehensive credential system is becoming essential to creating a simple, consistent learner experience across digital and print requests, all while freeing up time for more strategic projects. Hear how higher ed institutions save time and money by moving to a comprehensive platform and how they are better serving their students with a modern credential experience.

Sessions F: Independent Educational Consultants - Friends or Foes? (BellamyMendenhall)
Presenter: Darcie Patrick, IECA Professional Member, CollegeHHI

Just five years ago we estimated that there were fewer than 2,500 independent educational consultants (IECs) nationwide. Today we estimate 7,500 -8,000 full-time (or nearly so) and thousands more who moonlight, doing consulting in addition to counseling or admissions work for an institution during the day. With the growth in the industry, it is important to note that less than half of the IECs are accredited, nor are they members of a governing organization. Here are some questions to determine Friend or Foe: What to expect when you work with an IECA Professional or Associate member consultant? 10 important ways IECA members are unlike other independent educational consultants. How can an IECA member help you maximize the effectiveness of your school tours? What are some warning signs to look for when working with a non-accredited IEC? Conclusion: An IECA Member is a 'friend' and can help you increase enrollment, open doors of opportunities for hometown tours, personally help cultivate athletes to consider your school, will support a student to get in & through your college, will disclose student information to insure a right-fit for both the student/college and an IECA member is more than likely to help find a private, out of state college that wasn't on the student's radar.
Sessions G: Recruiting First Gen and Rural Students While Exploring Intersectionality (Pinehurst)
Presenter: David Stevenson, Jr., Assistant Director of Admissions and Liz Alliss, Assistant Director, Appalachian State University

Everyday admissions representatives are tasked with successfully recruiting first-gen and students from rural populations. By understanding these two populations and their differences, admissions recruitment strategies can thrive off their similarities. Join us as we dive into a beneficial conversation of their intersectionality.
Sessions G: Build-a-Counselor (BiltmoreHope)
Presenters: Kadarius Seegars, Assistant Director, and Alexis Rudnik, Admissions Counselor, Columbia College

We will discuss what makes a stand-out admissions counselor. Then, explore ways to hit your goals using the tools you already have. And find inspiration in the work that you do.
Sessions G: Combating Emerging Enrollment Challenges with Encoura® (BellamyMendenhall)

Presenters: Lyndenise Berdecia, Regional Director, Digital, and Wendy Vinson, Regional Director, Encoura

COVID-19 upended all conventional wisdom around the enrollment landscape we long knew. As a result, institutions and students alike require more support than ever before. At Encoura, we’ve made tremendous enhancements across all of our programs so that you can better utilize the Encoura platform–higher ed’s app-based technology for data science, analytics, and research–to find and engage your best fit students.
In this session, you will learn:

- New research from Eduventures, highlighting college-bound students' concerns and needs while applying to college in the midst of the ongoing pandemic.

- How to best utilize Student Mindsets™—available in the Encoura and ACT Combined Data Set—to speak directly to your students’ motivations and lift overall engagement with recruiting efforts, both through traditional methods and new emerging digital solutions, including the top digital channels your institution should leverage to keep up with Gen-Z.

- Additions to the Encoura platform that can provide you with a stronger understanding of the current trends in your environment—both positive and negative—that allow you to create targeted interventions in your enrollment funnel throughout the year.

Sessions G: College ROTC Scholarship Options (Tanglewood)

Presenter: Jeff Daye, Duke University Army ROTC Recruiting Officer

Army ROTC is a path to develop and train young, professional leaders through a military science curriculum while simultaneously pursuing a bachelor's or master's degree, regardless of major.

Sessions H: Insight into High School Juniors and Seniors in the Enrollment Process (Pinehurst)
Presenters: Dr. Phillip Hamm Jr., NC Career Coach, and Andrew Johnson, NC Career Coach, Haywood Community College

NC Career Coaches use a data driven and anecdotal approach viewing how Juniors and Seniors approach post-secondary pathways. Stemming from initial research into how RDS effected student's enrollment to a local community college, two Career Coaches share local data and their experiences to show how upperclassmen approach their college or other-postsecondary plans.
Sessions H: Investing in You (Tanglewood)
Presenter: Maura DiColla, Executive Director, Cooperating Raleigh Colleges

In a time when creative solutions are a must, but working from home may have left you feeling a bit stagnant, professional development opportunities may be the solution. With limited budgets, they also may be difficult to obtain. In this session we will discuss unique ways of finding cost effective or free professional development opportunities on your own, boosting your resume, and advancing your career.
Sessions H: Opportunities for the High Achieving (BellamyMendenhall)
Presenter: Tatiana MacAneney, Interim Associate Director, The University of North Carolina at Greensboro

This session will cover ways to recruit, enroll, and prevent melt in high-achieving students whatever that may mean to each university. Some things to consider are GPA and test scores to consider a student "high-achieving". It's important to streamline the entire recruitment and enrollment process, especially for high-achiveing students. I will share unique opportunities that our institution gives high-achieving students that may not be offered for all students. One example I will present is our event called "The Spartan Experience" where we roll out the red carpet and really cater to this population. This session would be a great session for mid-major universities where their institution may not be the first choice, but if you implement a high-achieving student recruitment initiative, that can change!
Sessions H: Get the Maximum Value from Your National Student Clearinghouse Partnership. Learn and See the Newest and Enhanced Services from the Clearinghouse. (BiltmoreHope)

Presenter: Casey Wallen, NC and SC Regional Relationship Manager, National Student Clearinghouse

Whether you have partnered with us for years or are new to the Clearinghouse, this session is for You! See the newest COVID enrollment trends from the latest Research Center. Learn about our newest and upgraded services and how they can help you. See the exciting new developments with Post-Secondary Data Partnership (PDP), My Hub (replacing Student Self-Service), 3rd Party Transcript Ordering for Admissions and Registrar, ETX PLUS, and Electronic Diplomas. Join me and get the latest scoop on what’s going on and what’s new at the National Student Clearinghouse.



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